Exploring the Significance of Food during Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

Exploring the Significance of Food during Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated with great fervour across many Asian countries, holds a special place in the hearts of many. This festival, often referred to as Mooncake Festival, is not just about mooncakes but also an array of delicious foods. In this blog post, we delve into the meaning of food during Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023 and uncover the cultural significance behind these delectable dishes.

Mooncakes: The Celestial Delight

Mooncakes are the star of Mid-Autumn Festival. These small pastries filled with sweet or savoury fillings symbolise the reunion of families under the full moon. Traditionally, mooncakes have a lotus seed or red bean paste filling, sometimes with salted egg yolks to represent the moon's glow. During 2023's Mid-Autumn Festival, expect to find a diverse range of mooncakes, including modern and innovative flavours that blend tradition with creativity.

Pomelos: The Symbol of Unity

Pomelos, a large citrus fruit, play a significant role in Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. They are often given as gifts or displayed as offerings on altars. The round shape of pomelos represents unity and completeness, making them an essential symbol of family togetherness during the festival. In 2023, expect to see beautifully decorated pomelos as a testament to this tradition.

Osmanthus Flowers: Fragrance of Love

Osmanthus flowers are not just visually appealing; they also add a delicate fragrance to Mid-Autumn Festival. These small, golden-yellow flowers are used to infuse teas and desserts, giving them a unique and aromatic flavour. Osmanthus symbolises love and romance, making it a popular ingredient during the festival, especially in tea blends and desserts like osmanthus jelly.

Duck and Pork Dishes: A Feast for the Palate

Mid-Autumn Festival is not just about sweets; savoury dishes are also an integral part of the celebration. Duck and pork dishes, such as roast duck and BBQ pork, are commonly served during family gatherings and feasts. These dishes symbolise abundance and prosperity, making them a must-have on the dinner table in 2023.

Taro and Sweet Potato: Wholesome Comfort

Taro and sweet potatoes are often used to make traditional snacks and desserts during Mid-Autumn Festival. These starchy delights represent the bountiful harvest and are enjoyed in various forms, such as taro paste-filled pastries and sweet potato cakes. In 2023, savour the wholesome comfort of these treats as you celebrate the festival.


Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to cherish family bonds, appreciate the beauty of the full moon, and indulge in a variety of mouthwatering dishes. From mooncakes to pomelos, osmanthus flowers to savoury delights like duck and pork, and the comforting flavours of taro and sweet potato, each food item carries a unique symbolism that enriches the cultural tapestry of this cherished festival. As you gather with loved ones under the moon's glow this year, remember the profound meaning behind the food that adds depth and flavour to your Mid-Autumn celebration.