A delightful non-alcoholic drink to enjoy when pregnant

Our founder Natalie is expecting her second child and shares about the life of an entrepreneur, mum to be and how you can still celebrate without drinking alcohol when pregnant.

As a busy mom, how do you find balance between motherhood and running a successful business?

Start-up life, just like motherhood, never stops. That’s why time management and flexibility are so important. However busy I am, I always ensure I carve out time with my daughter, so she can have a routine. With another one on the way, time management is going to be even more important!

With your pregnancy journey, have there been moments and celebrations where you felt like you have been missing out by not drinking?

It’s for this very reason I created Saicho Sparkling Tea! The idea of Saicho came about whilst my husband Charlie was enjoying delicious food and wine pairing in a fine dining restaurant, I was missing out.

At the time, this was because of my alcohol intolerance, but pregnancy is a time when a lot more woman can’t drink. I am so proud to have created a delicious, inclusive drink, that can be enjoyed throughout the pregnancy journey from baby shower to breastfeeding. You can celebrate with your friends and family without missing out.

What advice would you give to fellow mums who are looking for non-alcoholic drink’s options?

I think mums want to feel confident in their food and drink choices when pregnant but also if choosing to breastfeed. But we all still very much deserve a moment of indulgence! That’s why Saicho has no preservatives and is made with all natural ingredients. So, I know I can fully unwind, knowing it is safe for me with no negative impact on me or my baby.


You maybe wondering if drinking non-alcoholic sparkling tea is safe when pregnant.

Saicho contains 0.0% alcohol. We use black or green tea which do contain caffeine. One glass of Saicho (125ml) contains a maximum of 22.5mg of caffeine.

It is recommended to not drink more than 200mg per day when pregnant*.


*Guidance from NHS.uk. If you have any questions about what you should or not consumer when pregnant please consult your doctor.