Unlock the Perfect Diwali Feast: A Guide to Food & Drink Pairings this Diwali 2023

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most widely celebrated and cherished festivals in India. It's a time for families and friends to come together, exchange gifts, light oil lamps, and of course, indulge in delicious, traditional Indian cuisine. From crispy snacks to mouthwatering sweets, Diwali is all about treating your taste buds to a myriad of flavours. To elevate your Diwali culinary experience, why not consider pairing these popular Diwali foods with the subtle and refreshing flavours of Saicho Sparkling Tea?


Samosas are undoubtedly a Diwali favourite, with their crispy, golden-brown exterior and flavourful fillings. Paired with Saicho's Hojicha Sparkling Tea, the roasted green tea notes complement the savoury potato and pea filling, creating a delightful contrast of flavours.


Kachori, a deep-fried pastry stuffed with spiced lentils or potatoes, is a popular Diwali snack. Its bold flavours are perfectly balanced with Saicho's Jasmine Sparkling Tea, which adds a refreshing and sweet undertone to the rich and spicy Kachori.

Paneer Tikka:

Paneer Tikka is a classic vegetarian appetiser that is perfect for every Diwali celebration. Made from marinated and grilled cottage cheese, this dish is perfect to pair with Saicho's Darjeeling Sparkling Tea. Experience the tea's muscatel and slightly woody notes enhancing the smoky flavours of the dish.

Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun, a sweet and syrupy dessert, is a Diwali essential. Complement the decadent sweetness of Gulab Jamun with Saicho’s Darjeeling Tea, which brings a citrusy balance to the dessert's rich flavours and helps to cut through the sweetness.

Pani Puri:

Pani Puri, also known as Golgappa, is a beloved street food in India. The burst of flavours from the tangy tamarind water and spicy filling pairs exceptionally well with Saicho's Hojicha Sparkling Tea, a roasted Japanese green tea with a subtle smokiness.

Diwali is a time for indulgence and celebration, and what better way to enhance the experience than these pairings including your favourite traditional dishes with Saicho Sparkling Teas? The refreshing and subtle flavours of Saicho's range of single origin teas can elevate the richness and spiciness of Diwali foods, creating a delightful symphony of tastes on your palate. So, this Diwali 2023, let your taste buds embark on a journey of flavours and celebrate the festival of lights with Saicho Sparkling Tea.

Cheers to a sparkling Diwali filled with delicious memories!