5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day for Every Kind of Mother

The connection you share with your mother or your maternal figure is unparalleled. This is the person that you reach out to when you're feeling low, the one you share your greatest achievements with, and the person that you lean on and confide in. No matter who fills the role of being a mother in your life, whether it's your own mum, a grandmother, an aunt, a family friend, or a mother figure, Mother’s Day is all about celebrating their love, and unwavering support.


If you are looking for some inspiration on unique and heartfelt ways to show your love this Mother's Day, look no further. Saicho Sparkling Tea founders Natalie Chiu and Charlie Winkworth-Smith explore 5 meaningful ways to celebrate every kind of Mum this Mother’s Day, drawing inspiration from their own special moments with the mothers in their lives over the years


  • Treat her to an indulgent afternoon tea experience
Afternoon Tea on Mother's Day at Mandarin Oriental



Mother’s Day is a great time to spoil mum and treat her to something extraordinary. Celebrate Mother’s Day in style and treat mum to a scrumptious afternoon tea feast, which you can pair perfectly with a glass of Saicho Sparkling Tea!

Indulge in a delightful afternoon tea experience by exploring three of our favourite spots in the UK. You can visit the stunning Orchid Room at the Fairmont Windsor and enjoy the colourful decor, and the vibrant atmosphere. For something more traditional with a seasonal twist, visit The Rosebery at the Mandarin Oriental to enjoy a luxurious, classic afternoon tea experience. If you are looking for something a little more unconventional for your Mother’s Day afternoon tea, venture into The Aviator Hotel, serving your traditional afternoon tea with the unique view of Sywell Aerodrome.

Natalie and her mum have a special tradition of savouring each other's company over a delightful meal “It's something we have done since I was young, and it is a lovely way for my mum to fully relax, as she is always wanting to feed us and often never stops bringing us food.” Natalie also shares her mum’s incredible support for the brand that her daughter had founded, sharing, “My mum is a Saicho advocate and with so many more amazing places now listing Saicho , it is a great excuse to take her out, and have her experience a Saicho menu pairing.”


  • Surprise her with some stunning blooms



When it comes to making Mother’s Day special, the most quintessential gift, of course, is flowers. Our founder Charlie shares how he turns his floral tribute into an opportunity for quality time with his mum, who is a fan of flower arranging.  
“I normally ask the florist to give me a big bunch of flowers, an interesting selection that mum is then able to work with and create her own arrangements. This gives me a great opportunity  to spend quality time with her, while she excitedly works on her flower arrangements”


  • Take her on a much-deserved pamper day



Mothers are consistently on the move, juggling careers, nurturing relationships and providing unwavering support to everyone around them. These superwomen deserve a day to recharge!

Natalie loves a rejuvenating spa day with her mum, sharing that “finding a time to stop and fully unwind is a challenge for anyone, and mothers have it extra tough, as their job never stops. I love arranging a spa day so that my mum and I can be pampered and not be disturbed.” 

If you are looking for the perfect spa day location, we recommend treating yourself and your mum to a revitalising experience visit to The St. Pancras Spa at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel  where you can relax and immerse yourselves in the breathtaking Victorian-styled spa. 

  • Cook a special homemade meal together



Natalie also fondly recalls how much she loves cooking  for her mum. Home cooked meals are another heartwarming way to tell Mum how much she matters to you. Whether it is breakfast in bed or a delicious 3 course dinner, a home cooked meal filled with love will always be a recipe for meaningful bonding time. 

“I love cooking a meal where my mum doesn't need to organise anything at all. She just has to turn up. It's such a great way to show appreciation. I started doing this when I first learned to bake, and it slowly transitioned to a full meal once I learned how to cook. My mum also has an alcohol intolerance like myself so I like to include a non-alcoholic drinks pairing as well. Saicho is fantastic for such a celebratory occasion,” shares Natalie.


  • Give them a gift that reminds you of your special bond



Mothers often embody incredible selflessness, constantly giving their all to ensure everyone's happiness.  A thoughtful gift that reflects your unique bond will always be cherished. Charlie fondly recounts how Natalie had expressed that she would someday like a lemon tree. So last year he planted one at their home on behalf of their children,Thea and Alfie. 



Enjoy a new way to celebrate Mother’s Day and make every kind of celebration extra special by adding some Saicho Sparkling Tea into your Mother’s Day plans. Our luxurious, single-origin teas are the perfect companion for creating unforgettable memories and experiences.