A Must-Try Non-Alcoholic Drink for Baby Showers

Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and, of course, celebrations.  However, for expectant mothers, the need to abstain from alcohol during celebrations like baby showers can sometimes make them feel left out of the festivities.

Celebrating your pregnancy with Saicho

Finding the perfect non-alcoholic beverage can allow you to enjoy your special day to the fullest while feeling included in the celebration. Having embarked on her own journey to motherhood, our founder, Natalie, fully understands the experience of feeling left out while you are expecting. 

She recognised the importance of finding flavourful non-alcoholic alternatives for special occasions that can be enjoyed by everyone. Natalie and her husband Charlie created Saicho to provide a new way to celebrate occasions through sparkling tea. 

The perfect baby shower drink

Baby showers are an amazing time to celebrate with loved ones, and striking that perfect balance between celebrating mothers-to-be, and giving guests something flavourful to enjoy, can be tricky. As you search for baby shower ideas, consider elevating your celebration with our luxurious, multi award-winning, non-alcoholic sparkling tea.

Saicho also serves as the perfect baby shower favour. You can make your day truly memorable by sharing the joy with our mini 200ml bottles of Saicho sparkling tea. A thoughtful token of appreciation that everyone can enjoy regardless of their alcohol preference. 

The perfect baby shower gift

If you are looking for a unique, thoughtful baby shower gift for a mum-to-be, our range of single-origin, non-alcoholic sparkling teas come with stunning gift boxes. Adorned with designs of the flora and fauna native to each country of tea origin, Saicho is a celebration of flavour that offers an exceptional baby shower gifting idea that celebrates and honours a wonderful mum-to-be.

A range of low caffeine sparkling teas, safe to drink during pregnancy

Made with all-natural ingredients and free from preservatives, Saicho offers a safe, non-alcoholic drink for baby showers that pregnant mothers can enjoy and celebrate with. Natalie fondly remembers how this aspect of Saicho brought her a sense of relaxation during her pregnancy, reassuring her that she could celebrate without any compromises.

“I think mums want to feel confident in their food and drink choices when pregnant, but also when choosing to breastfeed. We all still very much deserve a moment of indulgence! That is why Saicho has no preservatives and is made with all natural ingredients. So, I know I can fully unwind, knowing it is safe for me with no negative impact on me or my baby."

Each bottle of Saicho contains 0.0% alcohol, and is low in caffeine, with one glass of Saicho (125ml) containing a maximum of 22.5mg of caffeine.*

*It is recommended to not drink more than 200mg per day. Guidance from NHS UK. If you have any questions about what you should or should not consume when pregnant, please consult your doctor.

Toast to the journey of motherhood and embrace a new way of celebrating special moments with Saicho sparkling tea. Indulge in the luxurious, single-origin, non-alcoholic Saicho sparkling tea alongside your loved ones as you cherish this special time of being an expectant mother during your baby shower celebration.