Elevate Your Easter Lunch: The Perfect Three-Course Non-Alcoholic Easter Food Pairing Menu

The Easter season signifies a special time when family and friends can relish the joy of togetherness. With the bank holiday weekend around the corner, preparations for Easter Sunday are in full swing for many. If you are hosting your own Easter Sunday celebration, you may be exploring alternatives to your traditional Easter food pairing, or trying to incorporate more non-alcoholic selections during your celebrations for loved ones observing Lent.  

Celebrate Easter in a new way by creating a complete 3-course menu, complete with the   perfect non-alcoholic drink to pair with each course. This curated how-to guide will help you elevate your Easter celebration into an unforgettable celebration for everyone! 

Starters: Fish and Seafoods with Saicho Hojicha Sparkling Tea

Start off your Easter menu with a delightful light fish or seafood starter. The nutty nuances and dry finish of our Saicho Hojicha sparkling tea makes it an ideal pairing for small plates of spiced sauteed prawns or seared scallops. The complex, smoky tasting notes of our award-winning Hojicha sparkling tea also harmonizes well with the umami flavour in a fish starter, such as a smoked salmon salad or sea bass fillet.


Mains: Roasted Meat or Vegetables with Saicho Darjeeling Sparkling Tea

For your main course, consider enhancing a classic Sunday roast by pairing it with our Saicho Darjeeling sparkling tea. Hearty, rich dishes like roasted lamb or pork belly pair beautifully with the distinctive citrus, muscatel notes of Saicho Darjeeling. For more vegetarian-friendly dishes, you can try a flavourful combination of roasted beetroot and asparagus, or a delightful mix of roasted parsnip and carrot. Our Saicho Darjeeling sparkling tea also elegantly complements the indulgent richness of roasted dishes, making it an ideal choice for a traditional Easter Sunday celebration.


Dessert: Creamy, Decadent Desserts with Saicho Jasmine Sparkling Tea

As you savour the festive flavours of Easter, add a touch of sophistication and sweetness to Easter celebration. Conclude your Easter celebration with a decadent dessert like a creamy, fruity raspberry crumble trifle, or a rich, velvety chocolate and salted caramel cake. The delicate floral notes of our Saicho Jasmine sparkling tea create a harmonious pairing with the velvety textures and rich sweetness found in various creamy desserts. 


Easter is a season of joy, togetherness and celebration, and what better way to make these moments even more special than to pair them with luxurious, single-origin Saicho sparkling tea. The refreshing, nuanced flavours of Saicho's range of single-origin teas can elevate the flavours of your Easter feast, making your Easter celebration even more memorable. This Easter Sunday 2024, embark on a flavoursome journey and celebrate the season with your loved ones by savouring these impeccable food pairings with Saicho Sparkling Tea. 

Cheers to a new way of celebrating Easter Sunday!