A Luxurious Non-Alcoholic Alternative: UK Wine Expert Tom Surgey's Review of Saicho Sparkling Tea

Esteemed UK wine expert and presenter, Tom Surgey recently shared his thoughts on the range of Saicho sparkling teas in his Lo No feature on Instagram. 

Tom has been featured in many prestigious publications, and is the resident drinks expert on ITV’s Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh. Tom is highly regarded for his profound knowledge of wine and as such helps lay out the comparable synergies between wine and tea,   

"If you’re into wine, there’s all the same terroir, a sense of place. [There are] climatic vintage influences that happen in tea as there are in wine."

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Commending its elegant profile and intricate flavour, Tom expressed admiration for Saicho Jasmine sparkling tea, highlighting its complexity. "Few non-fermented drinks can boast the layers of aroma, flavour and texture that Saicho Jasmine does," he notes. Further emphasising its extraordinary depth and richness, Tom describes Saicho Jasmine as presenting an ethereal jasmine flower essence intertwined with layer-upon-layer of green tea leaf notes.


Being a frequent reach for Tom, he describes Saicho Darjeeling sparkling tea as “an all day, every day sparkling tea to make moments meaningful.” Whether savoured alongside a leisurely brunch, during an afternoon tea or as a sophisticated alternative to wine or champagne at dinner, Tom enjoys Saicho’s Darjeeling sophisticated wood and fruit tasting notes. He describes this Indian black tea as being “Elegant, subtly woody, complete,” with a long and complete finish. 


Tom, being a connoisseur of nuanced flavours, highly commends Saicho Hojicha sparkling tea for its multi-layered, complex and distinct taste. Celebrated for its depth of flavor and complex fruit-wood profile, Tom shares, "I’m a huge Hojicha fan – distinct and unmatched in its depth of flavour and complex fruit-wood profile" Tom emphasises how this Japanese roasted green tea leaves, impart a rich, smoky character, making it a perfect match for richer food dishes.


Whether you are gathering for an intimate dining experience or hosting a celebration, Saicho's range of luxurious, single-origin sparkling teas offer a refined non-alcoholic alternative that gives everyone a new way to celebrate every occasion.